Is Sculptra Dermal Filler Right for You?

Sculptra non-invsive treatment price

This is a spectacular new treatment option to tackle facial wrinkles for Singaporeans. It is a very innovative method of procedure that is tailor-made for women who wants to eliminate their deep lines and for wrinkle removal. It also restores the facial volume which has been lost as a result of ageing. The Sculptra treatment in Singapore has been widely popular since their introduction to the island.

Sculptra is made from a synthetic injectable material referred to as Poly-L-Lactic acid, a substance that is produced by your body naturally when you exercise. Poly-L-Lactic acid is biocompatible and bio gradable. This means your body can break it down. It is also not harmful to your body.


Who can benefit from using Sculptra Treatment?

This procedure is ideal for women who have:

  • Deep folds between the mouth and nose (Smile lines)
  • Lines framing the mouth (Marionette lines)
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Hollow temples
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Or any unwanted face wrinkles

You may need to have several Sculptra treatments for best results . In addition, results happen gradually over several months. However, unlike some other anti-aging treatment options , it helps restore lost collagen, thus helping in restoring the structure under your skin. The end result is a smoother skin and fuller volume, and these benefits can last for two years.


How Does This Non-invasive Therapy Work?

This treatment option works through a series of injections that immediately fill all the sunken areas of your face resulting from advanced age, including sunken eyes and hollow cheeks. Some results of this treatment method are visible immediately, but the real effect is evident after some weeks and subsequent treatments. You will experience a gradual increase in the volume of your face as the thickness of your dermal expands with time. The end result will be a fuller, youthful looking, and fresh face.


Sculptra Treatment versus Face Lifts

Unlike Sculptra, a facelift does not completely erase your years; it only helps your face to look refreshed and less tired. In addition, face lifts are surgical procedures that involve the removal of excess facial skin in order to make your face look younger. They are therefore invasive procedures. They may also lead to complications and also require time to heal. Additional procedures may be necessary to supplement for best results.


Sculptra Injections versus other Dermal Fillers

Just like Sculptra treatment, Dermal fillers help diminish facial lines as well as restoring volume and fullness of your face. However, the benefits of this other filler options usually last for 3 months.


Is This Procedure safe?

This treatment option has been used in Europe since 1999. The product was reformulated in 2002 and has had an excellent safety profile since then. However, safety is guaranteed only when the treatments are done correctly.

In addition, Sculptra is more difficult to inject than Botox or other fillers. This means that you need to be treated by an experienced doctor. If you are interested in know about the safety of Sculptra treatment in Singapore, do feel free to contact our dermatology clinic today.


Who cannot use this for Wrinkle Removal?

Your doctor will usually have a list of people who cannot use this treatment option. However, refrain from using Sculptra if you are pregnant, nursing, or are allergic to lidocaine. In addition, if you suffer from Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or Sjogren’s syndrome, you cannot use it.

Before and After Pictures

Wrinkle removal treatment in Singapore - Before and after

Above are some of the amazing results that you may expect from using this procedure. That being said, individual results may vary.


Cost of Sculptra Injections in Singapore

So what are the prices for this procedure? The cost for this treatment option in around $1000 per session and most patients will require 2 – 4 sessions. Prices may vary so do contact us for further clarification.


Are maintenance treatments important?

In most cases, one maintenance treatment once a year is enough. However, it depends on individuals, some people may need more than one maintenance treatment in a year.


Is the treatment associated with any side effects?

It is possible to develop small but invisible temporary bumps. However, they will go away on their own. In addition, you can also develop small visible bumps, especially around the eyes. However, this is quite rare. Other minor injection –related side effects related might occur after treatment after treatment, including swelling, tenderness, bruising, itching, as well as discoloration at the injection site. An acne flare can also occur after treatment.